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FLEET propaganda collage with a gas giant planet and Auga star in the background


Several corporations fighting over two combined braincells for the Minmatar Republic. Actively policing the Metropolis, Heimatar, Sinq Laison, Bleak Lands, Devoid regions. Breaking into nullsec sovereignty content in Providence.

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Strong corporations build strong alliances. Learn more about the corporations, CEOs, and membership that make up the Minmatar Fleet Alliance. Perhaps you can submit an application of your own!

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Special Interest Groups

The purpose of SIGs is to maintain closeness in a massive sea of pilots, as described in Town Hall #6. Ultimately, we need to expand and create ways to maintain a close-knit feel in a large organization.

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Teams are similar to special interest groups, but without them our alliance would cease to exist. These are people running things behind the curtain to ensure that we’re not going to failcascade in 6 months.