You are welcome to request membership in any of the following teams. Your request will be promptly reviewed by one of our team directors, and you will be contacted via Discord for further details

People Team team logo
People Team Responsible for recruitment, onboarding, diplomacy, and internal issues. The workhorse that enables our group to scale.
Conversion Team team logo
Conversion Team Responsible for converting non-liquid items into liquid ISK for our members. Handles trillions every single year.
Supply Team team logo
Supply Team Responsible for reducing logistical headaches so that we can undock at lighting speed.
Technology Team team logo
Technology Team Responsible for creating and managing technology to reduce alliance overhead.
Thinkspeak Team team logo
Thinkspeak Team Responsible for building our public image and tearing down the public image of our enemies.
FC Team team logo
FC Team Fleet commanders focused on creating and defending timers